radio silence

I’ve been ignoring my blog. No excuses, because they’re all lame.

It’s such a deeply ingrained pattern at this point, I’m not sure I’ve got the bandwidth to break myself of it. And frankly, writing several different versions of a synopsis and a slew of individually tailored query letters is taking up most of my creative resources. I mean, I’ve written a 78K-word novel–how can it be so mentally exhausting to pump out one- and two-page variations of a story I’ve been eating, breathing, and sleeping for the past three years?

One amazing resource that’s made the challenge considerably easier is this well-conceived article by Susan Dennard over on Pub(lishing) Crawl. Maybe it’s that her all-time favorite movie is the same as mine and she uses it as her example, but the way she dissects the essential points of a tight synopsis is brilliant.

So, if you’re in the same synopsis-ring-of-hell, check it out. And keep fighting the good fight.

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