living the dream

I’m just two and a half weeks into querying, which means I’ve barely begun to experience what all my published friends warn me is at best an incredibly protracted process. Before now, waiting has never been my strong suit. In the past few months, I’ve been girding my loins for this baptism by fire—I even went out and bought a big binder (houndstooth, of course) for filing all my rejections. Out of the fifteen queries I’ve sent, I’ve received five rejections so far. Here’s what I’ve done after each one: scanned it for any useful feedback (none to date), printed, three-hole punched, and filed it in the binder. Then I’ve turned around and sent out another query the same day, to the next agent on my list (and yes, I have a spreadsheet because that’s how I roll).

I’ve been surprised to discover patience is possible, one day at time, when I focus on the gratitude I feel for just being alive in this moment, doing what I love: writing, putting myself and my work out there, and trusting the universe will respond when I show up each day to take this risk all over again.

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