keeping busy while querying

Thanks to a bout of insomnia at 4 a.m., this morning I put the finishing touches on my second text for a picture book (I finished the first one, Gooseberry Pie, last week). The ms for Kaleidoscope Girl is rewrite of a poem about my daughter, from back in 2011. I wrote the original poem in dactylic tetrameter. For the ms, I’ve tweaked the meter so the rhyme lands at the end of each line, and written several new lines to flesh out the middle of the poem.

In addition to taking my mind off the Sisyphean waiting game that is querying, this was a great exercise to flex my poetic muscles, which I haven’t done in months. Here’s a teaser:

“…now she paints the whole rainbow and rides on the moon
learns to dance brand-new steps while she hums her own tune
as the Milky Way curves in its arc through the sky
she writes poems, equations, the digits of pi…”

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