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Imposter syndrome

If you’re a writer, you’re intimately acquainted with imposter syndrome. If you’re not a writer, you still may have had nightmares about finding yourself in a situation where the people around you figure out you’re not as funny/smart/qualified/talented/(pick-an-adjective) as they … Continue reading

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Sitrep and NaNoWriMo wrap-up

Yep, yep. By writing this post, I’m ruining my chances as a serious contender for world’s least consistent blogger. So be it. December starts tomorrow, which means it’s one month until 2018. My last post was a “happy new year … Continue reading

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happy 2017

I’ve been busy, notwithstanding my bad habit of neglecting my blog. During the last half of September and the first part of October, I reworked my query letter before plunging into more revisions on the ms for The Door to … Continue reading

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radio silence

I’ve been ignoring my blog. No excuses, because they’re all lame. It’s such a deeply ingrained pattern at this point, I’m not sure I’ve got the bandwidth to break myself of it. And frankly, writing several different versions of a … Continue reading

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i triple-dog-dare ya!

I should know by now any blog post written after midnight runs the risk of being utterly incoherent, but I’m too tired and excited to care. Over the next couple days–probably by the end of Monday–I’ll put the finishing touches … Continue reading

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Only one more day of NaNoWriMo’s Pitchapalooza, so get out the vote: Katherine Parker Richmond and The Door to Yesterday.

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Yeah, I know I just did the virtual equivalent of yelling, which is ordinarily bad manners, but trust me–right now I’m even louder in person. In fact, my husband and kids thought I’d seen a mouse because I’m shouting. Squealing. … Continue reading

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