The Door to Yesterday

tdty cover_2

Just because you can change the past doesn’t mean you should.

I’m Amelia and I know, because I’ve got a past worth changing. Losing our house and having to move in with Grandpa Gus on his ranch was only the beginning. Within my first three weeks at my new school, I’d already made a mortal enemy, experienced the worst hair day ever, and received an ultimatum from my mom: go back to class or she’d teach me at home.

As if my life wasn’t messed up enough, I stumbled across an enigmatic gateway to the past and accidentally rewrote my own history. That’s when Grandpa Gus revealed I’m the heir in a long line of Paladins who guard the Portal, and began to teach me the laws governing time.

Being a time traveler has its perks—including the chance to even the score with my nemesis—but the more I tried to fix my past, the more twisted it became. Then a fluke discovery during a time jump uncovered the conspiracies of a far more sinister foe. The troubles I’d already faced seemed like nothing compared to the possibility of losing Grandpa’s ranch and the Portal itself. I had to choose: play by the rules, or do whatever it takes to protect a secret for which I hold the key—the door to yesterday.


Complete at 78,000 words, THE DOOR TO YESTERDAY will appeal to YA readers of  Rysa Walker’s Timebound and Robert Liparulo’s House of Dark Shadows.








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